Are You a Legal Professional?

Find Effective Marketing


FindLaw Professional offers a vareity of different ways to target your campaign. Editorial Targeting lets you choose the most complementary content on the site to place your ads. You can also target your advertising by country, state, city or DMA. Premium Targeting allows you to aim your message at a very select section of legal professionals, ensuring advertising dollars are maximized.

With FindLaw Professional, you can target more effectively and save as much as 10-75% over the cost of traditional advertising.

Achieve Campaign Objectives

You'll also find the right audience for virtually any advertising objective:

  • Brand awareness
  • Generating website traffic
  • Direct sales
  • Building a database of customers and leads
  • Establishing thought leadership

When creating a marketing campaign you have to define your business objectives and consider many online advertising venues. Directing your message to the right audience with a strong mix of products, effective targeting tools and brand presence will create impactful results which equates to direct sales and revenue for your organization.

Custom Solutions

Let us develop a custom program to meet your campaign objectives. Connect with your desired audience, create leads, and develop interaction with your brand by creating a one-of-a-kind promotional program with FindLaw. Select from a range of dynamic ad products and targeting options, including rich media formats, to construct a solution to fit your individual needs.

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