Are You a Legal Professional?


Command the attention of FindLaw users and gain large-scale brand exposure with an introductory ad placed before one of FindLaw's premier site destinations. Legal Professionals seeking information about starting a business, legal technology trends, resources for students, corporate counsel articles and news, legal vendors, and court resources will see the Intromercial before they read the compelling content.


  • Build brand exposure with a large prominent position
  • Receive 100% share of advertising space
  • Drive Clicks


  • 640x480 Interstitial Display Ad


  • GIF/JPG: 100K or less
  • Flash: 100K or less gif
    - Flash: lowest acceptable version is Flash 8
    - Frame rate must be no more than 18 f/p/s
    - Animation time may not exceed 8 seconds.
    - Backup GIF or JPG required
    - Click-tag instructions
  • JavaScript: 100K or less
  • 3rd Party: IFrame and Internal Redirect accepted
  • Click-through URL: 1024 characters max
  • Additional Notes
    - Any sound/audio/video must be user-initiated
    - If audio is used, creative should include an On/Off switch for users.
    - Ads must have a defined border


Contact a FindLaw Consultant for detailed specs and
rate card: (888) 346-3529