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With a monthly circulation of over 1 million, FindLaw's opt-in newsletters are a preferred method for legal professionals to stay informed about what's going on in their legal community.

Sponsor one of 45 newsletter titles, or target to a unique subscriber profile. With FindLaw's opt-in newsletters you will be certain to reach your target audience.


  • Build brand recognition
  • Drive results
  • Interact with opt-in subscribers in a direct response environment


  • 468x60 Full Banner
  • 160x600 Skyscraper
  • Text Link Ads


  • GIF/JPG:  20k or less; Flash files not accepted
  • Animated GIF:  Accepted for 160x600 Skyscraper and 468x60 Full Banner; Outlook 2007 displays the first frame of the GIF as a static image.
  • Click-through URL:  1024 characters
Text Link
  • Title & Description:  350 characters
  • Click-through URL:  1024 characters

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