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Founded in 1995 as a repository for free legal information on the web, FindLaw has grown to become the award-winning standard for legal websites.

Dip into FindLaw's subject-matter index on specialized legal topics such as cyberspace and intellectual-property law. Under each listing, you'll find an array of resources, such as law journals, mailing lists, and bulletin boards where you can post questions.
-- Business Week Online, "The Web Puts the Ball in Your Court"

If you've never been to FindLaw, easily the Web's most comprehensive legal resource, put it on your 'must browse' list. Not an attorney, you say? No problem . . . [FindLaw] boasts a consumer resource section that can't be beat.
-- PC World, " A One-Stop Legal Shop"

So what's new at FindLaw? What isn't? Since its inception [FindLaw] as grown unstoppably into the best law-related Web site. With its strategic alliances with such Web powerhouses as and an ever-innovative technical staff, FindLaw has transformed itself into a multi-service Web site serving a number of audiences.
-- Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher Supplement, InfoSources Publishing

More than just an extremely well-organized directory of selected Internet legal resources, what sets [FindLaw] apart from so many others is the addition of original and significant information content.
-- Database, "FindLaw: Metasite Extraordinaire"

If it's legal and it's on the Web, chances are it's been categorized and indexed by FindLaw. You'll not only find plenty to interest just about anyone in the profession, but you'll also find an invaluable resource for locating the full-text of primary law and other legal resources-both free and fee-based.
-- Corporate Legal Times, "Legal News and Research: Find It All At FindLaw"

FindLaw, the site many Internet legal researchers now consider the best place online for getting free legal material . . . provides such a wide range of subjects, with such astonishing depth and with such seemingly endless expansion, that it warrants an entire column devoted to its features.
-- California Lawyer, "Legal Sites: FindLaw, Inc."

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