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FindLaw delivers with timely information, compelling content, and insightful commentary served up in an interactive environment that keeps readers coming back. is the startup site on virtually every one of the thousands of PCs in my clients' offices. If CNN is the creme de la creme of the news world, FindLaw carries the same position of respect in the world of legal net resources.
Ross L. Kodner, Esq.
President and Founder
MicroLaw, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Access to case law and statutes was always the advantage big firms had. Now with FindLaw, solos like myself can at least have access to the same amount of law as big firms. I think it is all simply incredible what you are offering.
Carole Levitt
Internet for Lawyers
Culver City, California

When I log onto the Internet, my connection opens directly to FindLaw - not my own Web site! Now that's FindLaw fervor.
Nick Zales, Esq.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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FindLaw delivers a strong ROI, positive conversion rates, premium positioning and added response to campaigns. The staff also provides strategic direction and insight into driving results for your business.

Within the first month of ad placement on we saw a 3 to 1 ROI. I reviewed external reports that showed they have more unique visitors than their competition and the proof showed in the results. The help received with strategic placement offered by their staff was not only instrumental, but evidence of their terrific customer service. Now we've entered into a long-term contract with at a very reasonable rate and are confident about the return. I highly recommend them for this niche market.
Yasmin Waring
ABA Book Publishing
Law Practice Management

Findlaw has been a good partner for us in this effort generating a CTR that is one of the highest for the sites also on this campaign. It has also generated conversion which is very good. Thank you for continuing to work with us and we certainly appreciate all the added value you have given us to make this campaign work.
Jason Bosse
Digital OMD, Agency for Dell

I'd like to express my appreciation for the coverage FindLaw has expended to our firm over the years. Through your notable worthiness to the legal community, I have been able to get extensive exposure, enabling our firm to provide court reporting services to attorneys and law firms across the United States. Advertising with FindLaw has been and continues to be one of the most cost effective budgeting items since incorporation.
E. Bruihl
CSR No. 3077
Star Reporting Service, Inc.

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