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FindLaw Announces Interactive Online CLE




PALO ALTO, CA -- June 28, 1996 -- Lawyers can now earn continuing legal education credits by surfing the Internet through FindLaw's Online CLE courses. The FindLaw Team designed these courses to help lawyers learn how to find online legal resources and familiarize them with some of the best and most useful sites on the Internet. These interactive tests count as participatory credit. They are available online virtually all the time, so it should be easier to fit them into a busy schedule.

"These hands-on courses provide lawyers with a means of finding valuable legal resources online at the same time as they earn CLE credit," said Stacy Stern, Director of FindLaw. "Lawyers can surf, learn and earn CLE credit simultaneously."

FindLaw currently offers the following five online MCLE courses:

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Finding Federal Law on the Internet
  • Finding California Law on the Internet
  • Finding CyberSpace Law on the Internet
  • Finding Environmental Law on the Internet

FindLaw is a comprehensive searchable legal mega-resource that includes a variety of useful features. FindLaw has a strong topical index of Internet resources in a variety of different legal subject areas, including Constitutional Law, CyberSpace Law, Environmental Law and Tax Law.

From FindLaw, visitors can search the FindLaw site itself, the full text of law journals and law reviews that have articles on the Internet, or legal sites on the World Wide Web using the LawCrawler. Websurfers can access both FindLaw and the LawCrawler for free.

The LawCrawler is a research tool specializing in legal information that combines Alta Vista-strength searching with intelligent agents geared towards the specific needs of legal professionals. The LawCrawler allows visitors to target legal information, including codes and case law, leading to better search results and time saved for legal researchers.

FindLaw also contains listings of lawyers and legal employment opportunities, experts and consultants, legal news and reference materials, legal associations and continuing legal education providers. In addition, FindLaw offers free updates of law review and law journal article abstracts by way of e-mail. FindLaw has won several honors and awards since its inception, and we continuously work to improve and update the FindLaw site.

The URL for FindLaw Continuing Legal Education is:

The URL for FindLaw is: