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FindLaw Launches LegalMinds: One-Stop Access to Legal Community Discussions




PALO ALTO, CA -- September 29, 1997 -- What's happening on the most important Internet legal mailing lists? Legal minds want to know! Today FindLaw, Inc., today announced the launch LegalMinds, an integrated searchable archive of over 100 Internet discussion lists of interest to the legal community. LegalMinds is coordinated by FindLaw and developed in partnership with FindMail Communications, Inc.

LegalMinds provides an easy-to-use interface, enabling visitors to search legal mailing list archives and browse by author, date and thread. The site is organized into intuitive categories, including legal subject lists, professions lists, legal librarian lists, legal newsletters and legal classifieds, so that legal professionals can quickly locate archives of interest. The archives include subscription information as well as calendars to track the number of messages that are posted on each list.

"Legal professionals use mailing lists for both research and networking purposes," notes Stacy Stern, Esq., President of FindLaw, Inc. "We are very happy to be working with FindMail and the numerous list owners in making it easy to search the archives of these valuable resources."

"We have taken special precautions in the design of the archiving software so that list users' privacy is protected," said Scott Hassan, founder of FindMail Communications, Inc. In particular, e-mail addresses in the archive are specifically mangled to prevent Web spiders from using the archives to collect addresses.

FindLaw, Inc., is dedicated to making legal information on the Internet easy to find. The popular FindLaw Web site, which is intuitively designed for legal professionals, includes a comprehensive guide to legal resources on the Internet, legal search tools, such as LawCrawler and full-text law review searching, case law, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions back to 1893, online continuing legal education, legal community spaces and legal specialty guides.

FindMail Communications is a software development company designed to archive public mailing lists for the Internet community.

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