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FindLaw Expands Offerings With Free Access to Legal Briefs




Mountain View, CA (December 6, 1999) -- FindLaw, the leading web portal focused on law and government, today announced that it will make available for free the briefs filed in all United States Supreme Court cases beginning with the October 1999 term ( FindLaw is the first and only company to offer the briefs in all current Supreme Court cases for free.

The Court chooses to hear approximately 150 cases each term, out of a pool of several thousand requests. FindLaw will post the briefs filed by the parties in each case heard by the Court, along with the amicus curiae briefs filed by interested third parties. New briefs will be posted on a weekly basis.

"For both lawyers and the public, the briefs are an invaluable resource for understanding the cases presented to the Supreme Court," notes FindLaw co-founder and president Stacy Stern. "Parties only have thirty minutes to make their case to the court at oral argument, so most of what they have to say can only be found in the briefs. And when the Court issues its written opinion, it's necessary to go back to the briefs to truly understand the arguments that the Court rejected. This important information, as with other legal information at FindLaw, is provided for free."

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