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Users Can Now Individualize Homepage With 'my Findlaw'

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (April 3, 2000) -- FindLaw, the most highly trafficked legal Web site, today unveiled 'MY FindLaw' (, a personalization feature that allows lawyers andlegal professionals to create their own My FindLaw homepage. Users can now customize the vast amount of materials available from FindLaw, including legal news, federal and state case law, legal job listings, message boards and other invaluable Web resources, saving them time as they use the Internet for legal research and business.

FindLaw visitors can now easily create a unique page tailored to meet their information and research needs. For instance an attorney practicing corporate law in California can create a homepage that provides:

  • Corporate legal news and general news of interest
  • Recent California case law and federal corporate law decisions
  • Details of recent Internet mergers and acquisition deals
  • Message boards on corporate law or California-specific legal issues
  • California corporate law job listings
  • Links to California state resources such as the state homepage, governor'soffice, state legislature, courts and bar associations
  • Customized links to other favorite sites on the World Wide Web

"Law is a highly information- and communication-intensive field," said attorney Stacy Stern, co-founder and president of FindLaw. "With an increasing number of legal professionals spending significant amounts of time online, we wanted to create a tool that provides personalization to suit their specific needs. 'MY FindLaw' does just this by enabling users to combine the features they use most into their own one-stop online legal resource, saving them time as they conduct legal research on the Internet."'MY FindLaw' will furnish all users with front-page access to popular features such as the Law Crawler, a valuable tool that provides full-text, legal-focused Web searching, as well as access to Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1893, circuit court of appeals decisions, and a comprehensive legal dictionary.

"'MY FindLaw' is an invaluable resource for the legal researcher who wants immediate and continuous access to specific legal information," said author Carole Levitt, J.D., M.L.S., and president of Internet For Lawyers. "Users can save a significant amount of time by specifying the information andresources they want available to them at the click of a button."

'MY FindLaw' is freely available to anyone who visits on the World Wide Web. The registration and customization process is easy and can take less than a few minutes.

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