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FindLaw Unveils "Writ," First E-Zine About The Law




Online Magazine Features Writings by Top Lawyers and Legal Scholars, Interviews and Reviews

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California - May 30, 2000 -- FindLaw, pioneer and leader in the online legal information and services industry, announced today the launch of WRIT ( the first online magazine for the legal community and all Americans interested in law and its impact on our culture. WRIT offers readers penetrating legal commentary from leading lawyers, scholars and writers, along with a provocative, entertaining look at law and the legal world. WRIT promises fresh, insightful writing on the Supreme Court, important criminal trials, key court battles across the country, the state of the legal profession, and the portrayal of law and lawyers in modern culture, including movies, books and television shows.

Contributors to WRIT include many of the most prominent lawyers and legal scholars in America. The inaugural issue will feature:

  • Walter Dellinger, former acting Solicitor General of the United States, Professor of Law at Duke, and partner at O'Melveny & Myers, LLP, on the constitutionality of holding prayers at public high school football games;
  • Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law at Harvard and noted criminal defense lawyer, on the passing of his mentor;
  • Sol Wisenberg, former Deputy Independent Counsel under Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, on Jeffrey Toobin's book about the Clinton impeachment, A Vast Conspiracy (Random House 2000);
  • Howard King, lawyer for Metallica, on why the heavy metal band has sued Napster, the maker of music-swapping software;
  • Laurence Pulgram, Napster's attorney, answers questions raised by the copyright litigation against the Internet music provider;
  • Martha Minow, Professor of Law at Harvard, on the role of forgiveness in the law;
  • Michael Dorf, Vice Dean at Columbia Law School and co-author with Laurence Tribe of On Reading the Constitution, on the charge of "activist" justices;
  • Akhil Amar, Professor of Law at Yale and the leading constitutional law scholar of his generation, on the Diallo case and the lessons of history; and
  • Randolph Cohen, Professor of Business at Harvard, on the mathematical settlement solution to getting married.

In the coming weeks, WRIT will feature dozens of other well-known writers, lawyers and legal scholars.

"The Internet has created the opportunity for a new kind of legal journalism -- fresh, immediate, insightful and entertaining," said Brandt Goldstein, one of the creators of WRIT. "We are providing a new forum in which law is examined and discussed not with the traditional, sometimes dry approach we've all come to expect, but with a lively, provocative edge. Law is about conflict, power and the most deeply-held values of our nation. It's inherently interesting. And the writing about law should reflect that."

WRIT's creators include Rodger Citron, formerly of the Civil Division of the Department of Justice, and, before law school, a journalist published in The Economist and elsewhere; Brandt Goldstein, a research associate at Yale Law School and formerly an attorney in the Washington office of Wall Street's Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton; Julie Hilden, formerly a litigator with the Washington, D.C. firm of Williams & Connolly and author of the memoir, The Bad Daughter (Algonquin 1998); and Dahlia Lithwick, Supreme Court reporter for

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