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FindLaw Now Ranks in Top 500 U.S. Web Sites


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 19, 2002 – FindLaw® -- the most heavily visited legal Web site -- now ranks in the top 500 U.S. Web sites, according to netScore, a leading independent online traffic measurement service from comScore Networks.

In October, FindLaw ranked 465 in overall traffic for U.S. Web sites. By comparison, the next closest legal Web site ranked in the 1,800s.

"FindLaw's traffic continues to grow, and it now ranks among the top tier of all Web sites," said Stacy Stern, FindLaw vice president. "This is a testament to the tremendous value that FindLaw provides to its users. FindLaw continues to experience strong growth, especially to our legal directory, which enables consumers and businesses to find qualified legal counsel. We offer millions of pages of content -- more than any other legal Web site -- and the largest online directory of lawyers and legal professionals." FindLaw also recently surpassed 56 million page views generated by more than 3.3 million unique users. Both figures are new FindLaw records.

FindLaw partners with some of the Internet's most popular consumer and business sites to provide content and legal directory services.

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FindLaw Inc. ( is the highest-trafficked legal Web site, providing the most comprehensive legal resources on the Internet for lawyers, businesses and individuals. For businesses and the public, FindLaw provides comprehensive, plain-English legal information, and the Internet's largest lawyer directory. For lawyers and legal professionals, FindLaw offers the most complete information, resources and services for careers and practices, including free case law, an online legal career center, breaking legal news, marketing and client development tools, newsletters, message boards, service directories, continuing legal education and legal search tools.