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FindLaw Becomes the "411" for Online Legal Information


#1 Legal Portal Ranks 411th Most Trafficked U.S. Web Site, Surpasses 4.11 Million Unique Visitors

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 3, 2003 – FindLaw, the most-visited legal Web site according to all major third-party Internet tracking services, is now the "411" for online legal information. FindLaw ranked #411 among all Web sites in the United States in unique visitors -- by far the highest ranking of any legal Web site -- according to the most recent research by netScore, a leading online traffic measurement service from comScore Networks.

FindLaw recorded more than 4.11 million unique visitors last month, marking an 80 percent growth rate from the previous year. The site is seeing strong growth from all user segments: business, the public and the legal community.

FindLaw has added several new features to build on its legal information, news and directories, including newly redesigned FindLaw for Business and FindLaw for the Public sections, the FindLaw Corporate Counsel Center, and user personalization features such as My FindLaw Corporate Counsel Center.

FindLaw is a business within The Thomson Corporation ( NYSE: TOC; Toronto). FindLaw's legal portal ( ) is the cornerstone to FindLaw's innovative suite of online marketing services for law firms. FindLaw provides Web site design and hosting, Web traffic consulting services, extranets, directory packages and other client development services to help legal professionals grow their business by strengthening their relationships with potential and existing clients.

"We continue to see unprecedented popularity and growth for FindLaw's legal information resources, including West Legal Directory®," said Stacy Stern, vice president, FindLaw. "Our powerful combination of authoritative legal information, research tools and the Web's most comprehensive attorney directory continues to generate strong growth in traffic.

"FindLaw is continually adding new features and information resources. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and useful legal Web site for accessing legal information, tools and the Web's largest attorney directory, and users of legal information and directories are responding by turning more than ever to FindLaw."

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