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FindLaw User Testimonials

"FindLaw is one of the resources I use most on the Internet. I'm a solo attorney of 17 years and rely on sources such as FindLaw to level the proverbial playing field. Your coverage of news and issues is excellent. Best of all is the price: $0!"

Neal Eisenbraun
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Access to case law and statutes was always the advantage big firms had. Now with FindLaw, solos like myself can at least have access to the same amount of law as big firms. I think it is all simply incredible what you are offering."

Nick Zales, Esq.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I used the [FindLaw Election Center] to examine the text of all those Florida protest, contest and recount statutes the lawyers were prating about."

Scott Turow
Quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Jan. 11, 2001, in "Setting Your Sites: Web Favorites Reveal Personality Traits of Prominent Chicagoans"

"Your FindLaw case law files, both U.S. Supreme Court and 10th Circuit, are a windfall that I use almost daily. Your pro bono allows others to do likewise."

John C. Tate
Carrizozo, New Mexico

"I have spent untold hours on your Web site as a private citizen, and I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed it and how much I've learned."

Marty Allen
Los Angeles, California

"Many of my assignments and projects deal with drafting up contracts and doing cases. [FindLaw] helps me to understand how contracts are set up -- I use a lot of the samples to draft my own contracts. Thank you!"

Camille Persaud
Law Student
Seneca College
Toronto, Canada

"FindLaw is the site I recommend most often to students and other patrons who are looking for Internet-based legal information."

Brian Huddleston
Reference/Computer Services Librarian
Mississippi College School of Law
Jackson, Mississippi

"I am not a lawyer. I am just a shop steward at Teamsters Local 630, and I find your newsletter like a training class."

S. Lewin
Los Angeles, California

" is the startup site on virtually every one of the thousands of PCs in my clients' offices. If CNN is the creme de la creme of the news world, FindLaw carries the same position of respect in the world of legal net resources."

Ross L. Kodner, Esq.
President and Founder
MicroLaw, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"As a member of the regulatory community, I thank you for the excellent work!"

Thomas Inman
Claims Specialist
California Department of Insurance
San Francisco, California

"I subscribe to your e-news updates because they are better than the legal newspapers in keeping me up-to-date on what is going on in the legal community."

Donna L. Knifsend, Esq.
CEO and president
Lawsuit Prevention & Management, APC
Newport Beach, California

"When I log onto the Internet, my connection opens directly to FindLaw - not my own Web site! Now that's FindLaw fervor."

Carole Levitt
Internet for Lawyers
Culver City, California