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What The Press Is Saying About FindLaw

From our content partnerships with news sources like CNN and The Wall Street Journal, to the wide use of our surveys by the media in general, FindLaw has enjoyed support from the press. Take a look at just a few of the excerpts from our extensive press coverage.

Business Week Online, "The Web Puts the Ball in Your Court"

"Dip into FindLaw's subject-matter index on specialized legal topics such as cyberspace and intellectual-property law. Under each listing, you'll find an array of resources, such as law journals, mailing lists, and bulletin boards where you can post questions."

California Law Business, "Web Crawler: With Growth Outstripping Manpower, Law Firms in Search of New Associates Are Turning to the Internet"

"Pushing beyond standard employment sites, [FindLaw's Employment Center] not only posts job openings but also employs in-house recruiters to evaluate resumes submitted online and pre-screen prospective candidates before passing the resumes on to client law firms and companies."

California Lawyer, "Legal Sites: FindLaw, Inc."

"FindLaw, the site many Internet legal researchers now consider the best place online for getting free legal material . . . provides such a wide range of subjects, with such astonishing depth and with such seemingly endless expansion, that it warrants an entire column devoted to its features."

Consumers Digest, "Lobbying for Lawyers: How to Find the One Who's Right for You"

"Try, one of the best sites for its links to individual plan providers and information-based pages."

Corporate Legal Times, "Legal News and Research: Find It All At FindLaw"

"If it's legal and it's on the Web, chances are it's been categorized and indexed by FindLaw. You'll not only find plenty to interest just about anyone in the profession, but you'll also find an invaluable resource for locating the full-text of primary law and other legal resources-both free and fee-based."

The Daily Reporter, "Legal Research Is Made Easier Through FindLaw, Similar Search Engines"

"The legal community is fortunate to have access to many good legal Web sites. The oldest and most comprehensive is FindLaw ... a great starting point for just about everything."

Database, "FindLaw: Metasite Extraordinaire"

"More than just an extremely well-organized directory of selected Internet legal resources, what sets [FindLaw] apart from so many others is the addition of original and significant information content."

Experience, ABA Senior Lawyer Division, "Legal Research Without Cost on the Internet"

"Free legal portals like FindLaw offer the convenience of one-stop shopping, a well-stocked warehouse of legal materials from public and private sources and (to top it off) good customer service - that is, intuitive site layout and effective search engines."

Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher Supplement, InfoSources Publishing

"So what's new at FindLaw? What isn't? Since its inception [FindLaw] as grown unstoppably into the best law-related Web site. With its strategic alliances with such Web powerhouses as and an ever-innovative technical staff, FindLaw has transformed itself into a multi-service Web site serving a number of audiences."

Law Practice Management, "Legal Marketing Materials on the Web"

"The heart of FindLaw's relatively new entry in the arena of lawyer marketing is the former Web site. The site provides one of the most extensive bibliographies of published materials (including video and audiotapes) of relevance to legal marketing. This is well worth a look."

Netpreneur, "Managing Your Site"

"Try, a Web site that not only offers names of law firms (which are organized by region) that specialize in specific issues, but also lawyers that cater to small businesses."

The New York Times, "Untangling the Legal Maze by Surfing the Web"

"For a thorough introduction to the legal and judicial system and top-notch advice for choosing, hiring and managing a lawyer, log onto FindLaw."

Parade, "Inside"

"Find every law in the land [at FindLaw] - and every state and federal court decision - that's available on the Web. It's free."

PC World, " A One-Stop Legal Shop"

"If you've never been to FindLaw, easily the Web's most comprehensive legal resource, put it on your 'must browse' list. Not an attorney, you say? No problem . . . [FindLaw] boasts a consumer resource section that can't be beat."

Research Advisor: Information Solutions for Today's Legal Professionals, "Memoirs of a FindLaw Junkie"

"My enthusiasm for FindLaw is more than just a law librarian's zeal for the ability to access 60,000 law and government web sites with the click of a mouse or to launch a law-only search engine (LawCrawler). I am also an attorney, and it is FindLaw's Business Center and virtual office, with its wide choice of law practice management services, nearly all free, that really got me going."

The Seattle Times, "From Birth to Death, the Web is a Place That Provides Answers"

"We are grateful for FindLaw for its ability to go straight down the middle. Most law sites are either for consumers or lawyers; this one seeks to serve both."

The Washington Post, "Networkings"

"From the same company that offers the excellent FindLaw Web directory, LawCrawler searches just the pages of sites with legal information, using AltaVista's search engine."

Yahoo! Internet Life, "New, Notable and Fun: What's Hot-and What's Cool-on the Web This Month"

"Net library FindLaw houses all the forms, statutes and federal regulations you'll need."