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At, we strive each day to follow our mission of making the law accessible to everyone. All paths lead back to our work on behalf of our readers who need support in finding help with their legal questions. Simply put, this is why we do what we do:

As the leading free legal information website, works to bring consumers and attorneys the legal news, information, and resources they need. Whether you are a consumer looking for an attorney, a DIY form, some information to better understand a legal issue, or an attorney looking to grow your practice and better serve your clients, FindLaw wants to be the trusted source you turn to for answers.

To accomplish this mission, we use many different channels and many different teams to provide resources to our audience. Here is a description of our key teams and how they work.

Content Creators: Learn About the Law and Blogs

Our Expertise
The main content found on Learn About the Law, FindLaw for Legal Professionals, and FindLaw Legal Blogs is created by a dedicated team of writers and editors who are subject matter experts in law and the practice of law. All of our writers are highly qualified and hold law degrees, or have journalism backgrounds combined with experience in law.

Our legal editors do not publish to the site without reviewing each blog post or article for both style and substance. We also follow best practices for making our online content accessible to the general reader, while maintaining our accuracy in representing the state of the law, the legal system, and legal issues in the news.

Awards and Recognition
Not only has been recognized as a market leader in online legal information by evaluators such as Comscore, but our individual content efforts have been widely recognized as well. Our blogs, caselaw, codes, and articles have been shared across social media by renowned commentators (New York Times legal expert Adam Liptak), authors (Margret Atwood), journalists (Jeffrey Toobin, CNN; Sally Jenkins, Washington Post; Mark Knoller, CBS News), and even highlighted by pop culture icons like Stephen Colbert. Our Legally Weird and Technologist blogs have been included for several years in the ABA Journal's Blawg 100 list of top 100 legal blogs.

Other Key Teams and Resources at

Customer Response
While we strive to be accurate and free of mistakes (or even typos) with each piece of content we produce, we don't always reach our goal. That's why we have a fulltime customer service specialist working with our readers to answer questions, clarify concerns, and correct mistakes. Anyone who has a comment or complaint may reach our customer response team directly. We respond to every comment we receive.

Lawyer Directory is home to one of the largest online lawyer directories in the world. Featuring lawyers from all over the U.S. with expertise in 119 practice areas, our Directory guides readers to lawyers near them who can help resolve their legal issues. Many lawyers featured in our Directory give free initial consultations, so even if you are not sure you need an attorney, we can help with the first steps you need to take in solving your legal problems, without costing you.

These days, people turn to their peers online to guide them to the best options for everything from dry cleaners to doctors. knows this, so our Directory has a ratings and reviews system. Any client can rate their experience with their attorney or with their firm, and prospective clients can feel sure they will get the expert legal representation best suited to their needs.

Sometimes, you don't need an attorney. We provide DIY forms for you to quickly address those legal issues you might be able to tackle without the help of a lawyer. Our forms cover almost every applicable field of law from Landlord-Tenant to Estate Planning, from Family Law to Bankruptcy.

For Legal Professionals not only serves consumers of legal information, we serve the professional legal community as well. As the one of the earliest providers of free online legal content like caselaw from state and federal courts, and statutes from nearly all 50 states, we are a trusted source for free research options in the legal community. We also provide content to help lawyers learn more about their profession as well as how to effectively run a law practice.

In support of our audience working hard to run their own firms, we also provide our acclaimed legal marketing services. FindLaw provides website, social, blogging, video, and chat marketing services, but also much more. For information on our lawyer marketing business, please talk to our experts.

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