FindLaw Corporate Information: Company Background

FindLaw, a part of Thomson Reuters, is a pioneer and innovator in marketing solutions for law firms, online legal information and services for lawyers, businesses, and individuals.

The great innovations of Silicon Valley so often start with two guys in a garage. Apple, HP, and countless start-ups owe their beginnings to a few people with a good idea, a place to work -- and little more. We are no different. FindLaw began with two attorneys in an apartment, with an idea. In 1995, FindLaw's founders compiled a list of online resources for a group of law librarians in Northern California. The response to this idea was so positive they decided to post the information on the Internet. FindLaw was born.

Formally launched on Jan. 9, 1996, soon offered a mix of cases, statutes, legal news, a lawyer directory, an online career center and community-oriented tools such as mailing lists and message boards, including the famous "Greedy Associates" which lives on as a popular blog. The website rapidly developed into the leading legal information site on the Internet.

Legal publishing powerhouse West recognized as a powerful tool for reaching legal professionals and for connecting attorneys with people in need of legal representation. In January 2001, FindLaw and its 55 employees became part of West. The company enhanced the legal information portal while rapidly developing its law firm online marketing business and client development solutions. West was acquired by Thomson in 1996. Thomson in turn joined forces with Reuters, resulting in the multination corporation we know today, Thomson Reuters.

Even before joining West, FindLaw began its evolution from a small information-centered portal for lawyers and researchers, to a solutions-based website and marketing company focused on solving problems for consumers and attorneys alike. Milestones in this evolution were marked by FindLaw's move from its Lawyer Directory development focus, to its inclusion of SEO and marketing services for lawyers, on into social media and blogs, then moving further to include lead solutions-based products.

Today, remains the most popular site for free legal information on the Internet with more than eight million visitors each month and the largest online lawyer directory available. FindLaw's law firm marketing solutions also dominate with award-winning websites, online video, online attorney profiles, search engine marketing and Internet advertising. Awards given to the company since 2000 include numerous Webbys, and inclusions on lists from "Top 500 U.S. Websites" (2002) to the ABA Blawg 100 (2013). The company has continued to expand through the addition of Super Lawyers, the acquisition of LawInfo in August of 2013, and of Wise Law Group in May, 2014 to become the leading brand in lawyer ratings for consumers, and in lead solutions and online marketing for its attorney clients.

With more than 1,000 employees in locations from Sunnyvale, California, to Bangalore, India, FindLaw continues to grow and lead the legal market. The company has the largest team of online experts in the industry, a national network of sales consultants, and a proven ability to get results for its clients.

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