FindLaw Management Team

FindLaw is led by a dynamic team who bring a wealth and a variety of experience to their roles. Leading FindLaw based on our values of trust, partnership, innovation, and performance, the management team works every day to support both their employees and their customers. To learn more about FindLaw's leadership, please take a look at the full biography for each member of our team.

Craig Yolitz

Vice President of Customer Operations and Account Management

Craig Yolitz leads a multidisciplinary team of experts that create and deliver FindLaw's industry-leading online marketing solutions. Under his leadership, FindLaw has increased product quality and customer satisfaction while dramatically cutting production time and overall costs. Read full bio...

Jim Schonrock

Vice President of Product and Performance

Jim Schonrock is responsible for enhancing FindLaw's solutions so they continue to deliver exceptional results and service, thus enhancing FindLaw's customer experience. Read full bio...

Lisa Schlosser

Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology

Lisa Schlosser is responsible for continuing the ongoing scale and efficiency efforts of FindLaw's technology organization while partnering across the business to achieve key product launches that advance FindLaw's revenue, growth and strategic business objectives. Read full bio...

William Ballard

Vice President of Sales

William is responsible for all strategic and operational aspects of our sales organization, including ensuring we are developing long term client relationships, and bringing a customer-centric and solutions oriented consultative approach to our customers. Read full bio...