Products and Services


Whether you already have some form of lawyer marketing in place, or are starting from scratch, FindLaw's products and services provide small law firms with a marketing presence that helps attract clients.

Marketing options include:

  • Website design and content creation to ensure that your firm has the best possible online presence to attract quality visitors to your website.
  • Online advertising options on that help law firms expand their base of potential clients easily and instantly.
  • Blog services to help with the creation, optimization, and distribution of blogs on your website and social media pages.
  • Search engine optimization services provided by our in-house team of experts to get your website noticed by Google and other search engines.
  • Social media solutions can make the most of your professional profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Professionally-made lawyer videos to create a personal connection with clients when they visit your website and social media sites.
  • Conversion optimization uses tools like live chat and email connect to turn potential clients who visit your site into high-value connections for your firm.

That is just the beginning. You can learn more about the FindLaw products and services below.


With more and more people turning to the Internet first to find professional legal services, having a website that showcases your practice and personality is essential to expanding your client base. FindLaw designs websites with the unique business objectives of the law firm in mind to ensure that each site conveys their distinct professional image to potential clients and targets just the right kind of cases.

Just a few of the benefits and features of our attorney FirmSites include:

  • Custom content and web design to ensure that your website looks as good as it reads.
  • Blog and content syndication options allowing you the opportunity to add fresh content to your website as frequently as you wish.
  • A variety of online advertising options available on to increase exposure to a much wider audience.
  • Email solutions for visitors to get in touch with you directly from your website.
  • Custom videos show casing your personality placed directly on your website.
  • Web analytics to help understand and improve your marketing.
  • Spanish translation of optimized content to better reach your Spanish-speaking clients.
  • SEO expertise from our FindLaw experts will help expand your site visibility.
  • Social Media solutions help expand your brand and your relationships with potential clients.

Get in touch with your local FindLaw consultant to start planning the best website solution for your firm.


If growing your client base is a priority, then advertising on should be too. Each month, more than six million people visit for free legal information or to find an attorney. Online Advertising options puts your law firm's expertise in front of people as they learn about the law, ask legal questions, and solve their legal needs.

Whatever your business goal, there is an Online Advertising solution to meet your needs. Law firms have the opportunity to advertise their practice on three main areas of the website:

  • Content advertising for your firm to be featured alongside content. Get noticed when users are looking at articles or researching questions about topics in your practice area.
  • Interactive solutions include participation on our Answers community with potential clients in need of legal services.
  • Directory advertising places your firm exactly where you want to be when visitors are looking for lawyers in your location and practice area.

Find out more about our online advertising options and contact a FindLaw representative.


Having a blog helps increase your law firm’s visibility by driving more visitors from search engines such as Google to your website. FindLaw’s Blog Services product has many features and benefits, including:

  • An easy-to use blog platform utilizing a dashboard with RSS feeds to help with topic generation and optimization features to improve SEO on each post.
  • Writer training and tech support will help you become an efficient and impactful blogger.
  • Blog writing services -- we can do it for you.
  • On-going promotion and support for your posts via social media and the FindLaw Legal Blog Network.

Your FindLaw consultant can tell you more about blog options and the benefits of adding a blog to your website.


Once you have that unique, professional website which targets just the right kinds of clients and cases, you'll want to ensure search engines like Google can send qualified visitors to your site. The FindLaw team of experienced search engine optimization (SEO) specialists can develop a legal marketing strategy around your business goals which will attract the right prospects to your site. Some features of the strategy include:

  • Ongoing content promotion through social-media channels. To engage prospects, FindLaw will promote your articles and information on the social media sites your prospects are using every day.
  • Continuous website optimization. From website performance evaluation to ongoing keyword consulting, to online marketing metrics, FindLaw monitors your attorney website to ensure it retains its visibility and performance over time.
  • Strategic content syndication. Sharing your content across other websites and media channels is a powerful way to extend your reach and visibility to prospects.

Learn more about SEO solutions for your firm. Get in touch with your local FindLaw consultant and begin planning the best approach to reach potential clients today.


Creating a professional social media profile on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help law firms build their online audience, enhance their brand, and generate quality leads. With the popularity of social media growing every day, joining social networks has never been more important. Not only is FindLaw a well-known member of many social networks, we are professionals at helping law firms find similar success.

Some of the features and benefits our Social Media Solution products provide include:

  • Social media profile setup to get you started on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Training programs to show you how to make a connection with your online followers and to best promote your practice.
  • Content services curated by FindLaw social media experts to help you find relevant information of interest to your practice and your followers.
  • Analytics to help you see the impact of your social media efforts.

A strong social media presence is important for every law firm. Talk with a FindLaw consultant about our Social Media Solutions.


A professional video allows you to make a personal connection with potential clients and showcase your expertise in a way that written content cannot. Not only does a video create an instant connection much quicker than static content can, it also allows for a more efficient client recruitment process. Some of the benefits and features of a FindLaw Lawyer Video include:

  • Video concept and message development to ensure that you are getting your point across.
  • Full production and videography services that will not only make a professional video, but also make the filming process quick and easy.
  • Video editing by our experienced staff.
  • Distribution for your video on your website and other channels.
  • Search engine optimization to help get your video in front of the right people when they are searching for your practice area and location.

Get in touch with your local FindLaw consultant to begin maximizing your online presence with lawyer video.


The real goal of attracting visitors to your site is turning them into potential clients -- in other words -- conversion. FindLaw has developed a whole range of ways for you to transform potential clients who come to your site into valuable connections for your firm. The FindLaw Conversion Solutions include:

  • WebChat Connect provides 24/7 coverage by an operator representing your firm who collects key issue and contact information and then sends you the information.
  • Conversion Advantage incorporates the core features of WebChat Connect and also allows you to make immediate phone connections with the most engaged contacts through hot transfer, according to hours and criteria that you define.
  • Email Connect provides a detailed contact form email and uses an outbound call to immediately connect with potential clients and "stop the shopping."

There is a Conversion Solution to suit every firm. Your local FindLaw consultant can help you plan the best way convert potential clients starting today.


One aspect of running your firm that can be the most challenging is finding new business, but FindLaw can help. Lead Solutions supports law firms with targeted campaigns designed to provide competitively priced, qualified leads. You decide the geographic and practice areas you want to focus on, and FindLaw collects your leads using everything from online tools and affiliate networks, to FindLaw Web properties, to television ads, and more. The two solutions offered are:

  • Lead Gen: The best solution for firms engaged in mass tort cases or requiring a high volume of leads in a short time frame. A single purchase solution, Lead Gen delivers the number of leads you specify, allowing your business to take advantage of unique opportunities as they come.
  • Lead Flow: Firms looking for a more consistent or manageable stream of leads on a regular basis should choose Lead Flow. This is a subscription-based service, delivering a set amount of leads each month.

Contact your FindLaw consultant to find how which Lead Solution is the best match for your firm.

Of course FindLaw offers individualized services that make these products a good fit for any size firm in any locale. The best way to learn everything you need to know about lawyer marketing and why it's important for your firm is to talk to a FindLaw consultant.